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TACT - CD & Online - Rest of the World door-to door

TACT - CD & Online - Rest of the World door-to door
Código: 2017 - TACT - RWorld
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Rest of the World door-todoor 
TACT CD & Online
(3 editions: Feb, Jun and Oct)
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The ultimate reference for air cargo transportation
Always updated, TACT gives you rapid access to all TACT rates and rules. This vast source of information covers over 220 countries and territories:
Industry, country and carrier rules
IATA rules on the acceptance of goods and Air Waybill completion
Country rules, regulations and charges on import, transit and export
Airport and storage facilities, handling equipment
Airline, city and airport codes, AWB prefixes 
Rates & surcharges
Industry and carrier specific rates
4,5 million rates for 350,000 city pairs
Industry, country and carrier specific charges for charges collect, class rates and dangerous goods
Calculation of charges and cargo claims 
e-Customs & security
Security with ACC3 and ACAS
e-Customs section with Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)
Made to meet your specific needs
TACT meets your specific needs and comes in different versions. 
TACT Online: Search the rates and rules from a web browser. It doesn’t get easier!
TACT Data:"Data feed of the TACT Rates. Integrate rates into your system. 
TACT Manual: The complete rules and rates in print. A very convenient backup.
TACT CD: Same content as TACT Online. Great for offline consultation.
TACT Participation: Publish your own rates and rules in TACT. Now with self-publishing for rates.
TACT Net Rates Distribution
TACT accelerates your business with exciting new developments.
TACT Net Rates: The powerful net rates distribution system that connects airlines and forwarders, privately and securely.
The New TACT Online: see it for yourself
Trusted for more than 40 years, TACT is more important than ever! With a rapidly changing cargo industry, now is the time to look into TACT Online. Get all the information you need to stay up-to-date and flexible in a world of ever-changing air cargo data — all online. 
​ ​
TACT Sourcing
TACT Sourcing is responsible for developing and maintaining sourcing relations with airlines and foreign government officials to ensure the advice provided by TACT Rules is accurate. Reliability is key, government and industry support is critical. 
We would like to invite airport authorities and government agencies, worldwide, to join our extensive sourcing network to ensure that TACT users can always count on reliable information related to:
IATA rules on the acceptance of goods and Air Waybill completion
Country rules, regulations and charges on import, transit and export 
Airport and storage facilities, handling equipment
Año: 2017
Modo: Aéreo
Familia: IATA - TACT
Idioma: EN


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